Kids 6-8, Youth 9-15. Adult 16+

"Open Bag" is not an instructed class. It is an opportunity to hit the bag, or link up with a partner to train :)

Monday & Wednesday 

9:30AM Women’s Only Kickboxing 

10:30AM Adult Nogi BJJ All Levels

5:45PM Advanced Kids BJJ

5:45PM Youth BJJ

6:45PM Adult Gi BJJ

8:00PM Adult BJJ Competition Class

8:00PM Adult Muay Thai Competition Class

Tuesday & Thursday 

5:45PM Youth Muay Thai

5:45PM Beginner Kids BJJ

6:30PM Women's Only Kickboxing

6:30PM Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing 

7:15PM Adult Nogi BJJ 

7:15PM Open Bag (Muay Thai)

7:15PM Muay Thai Sparring (Thursdays Only)


9:30AM Women’s Only Kickboxing

10:30AM Adult BJJ Gi All Levels 

5:45PM Youth/Advanced Kids BJJ Competition Class

5:45PM Women's Only Kickboxing

6:30PM Adult Gi BJJ

6:30PM Open Bag (Muay Thai)


9:00AM Women's Only Kickboxing

10:20AM Kids & Youth All Levels BJJ

10:20AM Kids & YouthMuay Thai

11:00AM Adult MMA 

11:30 MMA/Muay Thai Sparring 

11:30 Adult Nogi BJJ

12:00PM Adult Nogi BJJ Open Mat

12:00 Open Bag (Muay Thai)